For All

We think everyone should have the chance to invest in themself and their own future. When you're ready to go for it, we'd love to help.

Financial independence is our passion. Changing lives is our purpose. We want to help all kinds of people with whatever their goals may be. But that won't happen without investing equality.

Investing for Everyone

Helping people gain financial independence is how we started. But our job isn't complete if women miss out on opportunities to invest for their futures too. When there is investing equality, the world can't help but be changed for the better.

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Investing for More

Our commitment to help clients with their financial goals is key. We're also inspired by our purpose to support medical research that aims to defeat diseases like cancer. For us, it makes investing about more than money and has the potential to change the lives of millions of people.

Teaming Up With KC Current for Strong Women

We're excited to join with those who inspire us and women everywhere to help carve their own paths for the future. With fierce ambition and through brave actions, the KC Current NWSL team is raising the bar for women, their sport and the community. We're joining the team for strong women and strong finances. Together, we encourage you to close investing gaps that may stand between you and confidence for your future. Find out more about this exciting club at kansascitycurrent.com.

About the Artist: Megh Knappenberger

Are you as enthralled with the Make Your Investing Move artwork as we are? Kansas City artist Megh Knappenberger brings our message to life with vibrant colors and raw textures that portray strength and confidence–the way women should feel about their futures. As a female business owner who embodies the courage we're talking about and who's studio shares the same city as our headquarters, it was a natural fit. Learn more about her work at meghmakesart.com.

Watch Megh create the amazing artwork you'll see on this journey.

Make a Move to Stay on This Journey

Every investing move you make today can help close the investing inequality gap.

Let's do this together.